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Join us for an evening of music, celebration and discussion on Guantánamo and Pelican Bay, California. Celebrate with Diane Wilson who will speak about her active nonviolent action fasting for 57 days on water and then scaling the White House fence on the June 26th, 2013, International Day for Victims of Torture. Her jury trial starts September 5th. Come support this "Unreasonable Woman", Texas shrimper, co-founder of CodePink, and member of Veterans for Peace.

Andrés has fasted on water-only since July 8, 2013, the day that 30,000 prisoners in California began their hunger strike for 5 Core Demands. On Friday, September 6, at 12 noon, he will be fed with nasogastric tubes in front of the White House to show how U.S. policy orders the torture of Gitmo prisoners who are force-fed twice daily. On August 19, a judge in San Francisco issued an order clearing the way to force-feed prisoners on hunger strike in California.

This event will be hosted by Kevin Zeese and Dr. Margaret Flowers

Music by: Emma's Revolution and Luci Murphy

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